About MJDesign

MJDesign is a project developed by Michal Jarski, comprising all of his works. The website’s aim is to present his works and give basic contact information to people looking for possible cooperation. Current website was created in August 2016 and supersedes the old one, built in HTML, CSS, and jQuery in 2013. Examples of pages designed by Michal are available in the Portfolio section of this website.



The beginning

1535605_1544831942416578_6484284953788327921_nThe whole idea started in 2013, and was a website based on earlier MJStudios site (which was created in 2012, and was active until 2014). The site was primarily built in Google Sites, but after some months of operating was moved to one written in HTML with CSS and jQuery. The website was one big portfolio of all works in all presentations services. It also had a MJStudios Robots division, which aim was to publish new LEGO Mindstorms projects. The website was shut down in 2014 because it wasn’t needed anymore, and was fully substituted by MJDesign’s page.


About Michal

Michal started his story with programming and webmastering in 2013, when he built his first website while being in the middle-school. His first big project was JEF Poland‘s website, which is unfortunately offline due to unpaid domain fees (page copy available under the link provided). He’s now working on different projects in cooperation with other organisations. Michal’s private website is available under this link: http://michal.jarski.eu/.